Plan Today For Your Family’s Tomorrow.

It’s a common misconception that estate planning is only for the wealthiest one percent. In reality, estate planning helps you easily transition assets to loved ones while streamlining the settlement of an estate. We can guide you through the intricacies of estate preparation — helping you plan ahead to reduce some of the financial discomforts of your passing.

Trusts, Wills & Inheritance

Your family and friends cherish your well-being and presence in their lives. And when it comes time to plan your estate, it’s likely you’ll want to leave your possessions to them. We’ll work with you to itemize and distribute assets to whomever you wish.

Echelon can also work alongside your attorney and CPA to develop comprehensive solutions to your estate concerns. We’re experienced in collaborating with your legal professional in the creation of trusts and wills — vital estate documents that determine where, when and how your assets will be distributed. Whether to use a trust, a will or both depends on your own unique circumstances.

Preparing Your Family

Passing without a will or trust leaves loved ones ensnared in the intestacy laws of the state in which the property resides, all while they struggle to settle your debts and divide remaining assets. We can help every step of the way — from outlining final plans to acting as a sounding board for the difficult conversations about how to communicate your last wishes to your loved ones.


Another key decision is to choose an executor of your estate. Depending upon family dynamics, this can be an easy or difficult decision. Either way, it should only be made after considerable thought and deliberation. Upon your passing, Echelon will work directly with the executor of your estate to easily transition your assets to the beneficiaries you choose.


Among the many benefits of estate planning, tax advantages are often overlooked. Through proper preparation, your beneficiaries can potentially be shielded from a sizable tax liability. When preparing your estate, we’ll consider all the tax implications associated with your investments.

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