You Work Hard Every Day. Make Sure Your Money Is Doing The Same.

Retirement is a time in your life to look forward to. And while it’s never too late to start saving, starting as soon as possible is often the most important step you can take. At Echelon, we can help you navigate the myriad of available investment options and answer your critical questions. So, when the time comes to retire, you’re well-prepared to enjoy your retirement years.

As we get older, we realize time is our most precious asset. And when you have the freedom to decide how to spend your time, you can envision a retirement on your terms — but it all starts with a plan. We will study your current financial situation then tailor a complete plan that’s designed to evolve with your professional and personal growth and takes multiple expense and income factors into account such as housing, healthcare expenses, transportation, recreation; monthly sources of income and liquidity needs. We’ll also help set up a spending strategy that makes sense for your financial situation.

How To Get Started

It all starts with an initial meeting to complete an in-depth fact-finding of your situation. Then, we prepare a proposal and review it with you in person. We’ll probably meet 3-4 times before implementing a plan. Then this plan will be customized for your specific circumstance.

Portfolio Modeling

At Echelon, we can provide you an unbiased comparison of your current portfolio compared to a model portfolio within your targeted risk profile. That way, you can see the tangible benefit of working with Echelon.

Start planning as soon as you can because of the time-value of money.

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